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The Extra Large Dog Beds Solution – Small Bed Plus Large Dog Just Doesn’t add up!

Ever thought your dog would need an extra large dog bed? Have you ever asked yourself, “Does my dog truly fit comfortably in his / her bed at night?” If you have, then the four points elaborated upon below may be well worth a read.

1.Put Yourself In Your Pet’s (Sleeping) Position For A Minute

If you take care of a bigger breed of dog, like a Greyhound or St Bernard, don’t be surprised if you discover it squeezing itself into unhealthy sleeping positions. This is commonplace because there aren’t that many extra large dog beds or unique dog beds for large dogs on the market.

I’m sure you’ve heard people say that to truly understand someone you have to walk in their shoes for a day.

I think our friend below kinda gets the idea, lol.

Now extend that saying to your dog’s nightly sleeping experience. What if you slept in your dog’s bed for a night. You might complain about your ability to fit on such a small space.

2.Is the size of your pet’s dog bed really that important?

Joint, hip and spine problems are a common occurrence in very big dogs. It comes with the territory because of their extra length of limbs and the extra weight they have to carry. That’s why it’s crucial to get your dog the right size of bed like large pet beds, for proper relaxation as well as joint and muscle support.

It’s also helpful and important to purchase large dog beds on sale with very durable padding that doesn’t sag under your dog’s extra weight. Apart from this, keep in mind that bigger dogs possess stronger bites that can exact heavier wear and tear on dog beds, via excessive chewing and pummeling on the bed’s material.

So you need to get a bed that is stronger than average for it to be truly of benefit to your dog.

3.What types of extra large dog beds are available?

Extra large dog beds exist in virtually any shape that a regular bed for dogs can be purchased. Before you make a final decision on the type of bed to purchase try to first determine your dog’s sleeping / napping pattern / style. There are rather expansive dog beds on the market that facilitate dogs like yours that like to stretch out.

If that’s true, then a rectangular dog bed would be more than adequate, allowing your dog to fully stretch out. Your dog will also gain full body support, especially if it has hip or back issues.

Rectangular extra large dog beds are also useful for accommodating two or more dogs who like to snuggle together. They are also very useful for a nursing mother and offspring. If per chance your dog likes to belly curl, with legs tucked, a donut shape might be the best solution.

This helps to support your dog’s spine. It also provides increased back support, in particular for big dogs. The built up perimeter the donut bed prevents your curled up dog from rolling off of it possibly injuring itself.

4.What about additional features of extra large dog beds?

Extra large dog beds with memory foam features can be especially good for older or younger dogs and with joint and muscle issues. The heat generated by resting on the material can helps loosen joints and prevent stiffness. This tends to come from lying down for long periods of time. The extra padding can help to reduce inflammation that comes with hip dysplasia.


So, extra large dog beds can be as feature rich as regular sized dog beds, to enhance the health and comfort of your large dog.

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